Build a gaming PC for under $500 with GPU

The global economy may be suffering from inflation, but the price of key PC components is actually quite low, and in many cases is actually getting lower. Because GPU prices are falling fast while SSDs, RAM (at least DDR4 RAM) and power supplies remain cheap, there’s rarely been a better time to build a cheap gaming PC than now. At current prices, you can set up a solid, 1080p-compatible gaming PC for under $500 that includes both discrete graphics and a 12th-generation Intel CPU. We can also configure a very capable gaming PC for under $400 using integrated AMD graphics.

We’ll show you below how to build a gaming pc for less than $500, or even less than $400 using parts available from major US retailers today. Please note that the prices we list were current when we wrote this, but may rise or fall slightly by the time you read this. Because these lists are primarily price-based, we haven’t tested every specific part, nor all of them together. The cost of an operating system is not included, but you can get it Windows 10 or 11 free or cheap. And if you’re willing to spend a lot more than $500, check out our list of the best pc builds for stronger recommendations.

Gaming PC under $500 with discrete graphics